Topic outline

  • Prevention and Business Continuity Plans

    Every organization, large or small, must be prepared to respond in front of a crisis. A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and an Emergency Response Program will help prioritize processes and establish a recovery policy for your organization.
    At the same time, it will help keep employees and their families safe and healthy while ensuring the continuity and management of operations.

    Main Objectives of our programs:

    • Protect your employees and their families
    • Ensure continuity of operations
    • Promote the recovery of the community, employees and your organization.

    Premergency offers a Guidance and Partnership Program to help you and your organization develop a BCP that covers all your needs. 
    Based on a deep analysis through our Premergency Needs Assessment (PNA), we will uncover gaps and help you optimize your processes focused on prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery.

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    • The Importance of Resilience

      In this interview in December 2016, our colleague Dan O'Connor - Director, Field of Operations for the Chief Security Officer at FEMA, talked about the importance of resilience applied to Homeland Security during an unstable situation. How organizations, governments, and people can adapt and heal in front of a crisis and become more resilient by being prepared and ready to respond.